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Easy To Read Plain English Version Disclaimer (below is a link to the legalese version) Read Both:


Who We Are

We are a paid advertising company.  We are paid to advertise stocks, mostly penny stocks. We are paid to advertise these stocks to people who like to trade penny stocks.


Who We Are Not

We are NOT experts, we are NOT trained financial advisors, and we are NOT stock gurus. We have NOT gone to college to study how to trade or invest in the stock market. We have NOT made a ton of money trading/investing in stocks; we simply make our money from advertising them.


Who Hires Us

Always assume we have been hired by someone who wants to sell shares of the profiled company, or assume we have been hired by a media buyer or investor relations company, who in turn was hired by someone who wants to sell shares of the profiled company.


Company Profiles

The purpose of the profiles we publish is to create awareness of the subject company. The information provided by a profile should be viewed only as a starting point to encourage a potential investor to conduct his or her own, or to have conducted on his or her behalf a, thorough, independent investigation of that company in order to form his or her own opinion regarding whether or not an Company is a potential investment opportunity suitable for him or her, especially because investing, and particularly investing in “penny stocks”, is very speculative and involves an extremely high degree of risk.


What Are Penny Stocks

If you don’t know the answer to that DON’T TRADE THEM! But here’s the definition for those who don’t know: Penny Stocks are stocks trading on the OTC (Over The Counter market), a mostly unregulated market prone to be very volatile in price and liquidity. That means they can go up and down in price without warning and can go from trading a lot of volume to not having any trading volume without warning.

Penny stock companies can go bankrupt at any time, this can result in a total loss of your investment.

Penny stocks can be halted or suspended by the SEC or FINRA without warning, usually resulting in a downgrade to the grey markets, which can result in a total loss of your investment.



We only accept cash as compensation we do not accept shares as compensation, however you should assume that whoever paid that compensation does have shares to sell in the open market and the sale of those shares can have a negative effect on the price of the stock in question.

Compensation details can be found at the bottom of the disclaimers on our website, which can be reached by clicking on the link provided below. Information will include; who paid, the amount, the type of payment, and the term of the advertising campaign we were paid for.

Many times compensation is paid via a media buyer or investor relations company and will be disclosed as such. When this is the case you should assume that the compensation we received is only part of the overall advertising budget. You should also assume that a larger advertising campaign means the originating payer has a larger amount of shares to sell..


Trading by PennyStockPirates Principals

We do not partake in frontloading, the practice of loading up on a stock prior to an awareness campaign, only to dump it on investors/traders during the campaign. We consider this practice counterproductive and unfair to traders.

 Nor do we ever partake in the practices known as “matched orders” or “wash trades”.

“matched orders” occur when a person, for the purpose of creating a false or misleading appearance of active trading in a security, enters an order to buy or sell that security with the knowledge that a substantially similar order has been or will be placed to trade the security.

“washed trades” occur when a security is traded between two accounts with no change in beneficial ownership for the purpose of creating a false or misleading appearance of active trading in the security.

Although PennyStockPirates principals, friends or family may independently purchase in the open market the stock we are profiling and thereafter conduct further purchase and sales activities of the same stock, before during or after the awareness campaign, it is never coordinated nor is it ever done so with the intention of creating a false or misleading appearance of active trading to entice anyone to trade the stock. However you should be aware that any activity in a thinly traded stock can directly influence the price and liquidity of that stock. This should be taken into consideration before deciding to invest/trade any stock we are profiling.


Dos & Don’ts




Do trade on paper or virtual trade before you buy any stock with real money, you need to find out what kind of trader you are before using your own money and finding out what kind of trader you are costs money, it’s better that money be fake than real.


Do your own research, before you buy any stock.


Do take profit when you can and do accept a small loss rather than hold on for a bigger loss later.




Don’t invest/trade with more money than you can afford to lose.


Don’t use your retirement money, your kid’s college fund, the money you set aside for your next vacation or any money you need now or in the future, to trade or invest in a penny stock.


Don’t fall in love with any penny stock or penny stock company, they will break your heart. Think of penny stocks as one night stands, not marriage material.


Don’t assume all material you read about a profiled company is real and true. Just because it’s on a well known website that you know and trust does not mean it is factual. Although we do our best to ensure the information we provide is based on facts, it is best to assume that everything you read is not true until you prove by your own independent research that it is true.